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The Kakabeka Falls Flying Club is located on Airport Road in Kakabeka Falls, Ontario.  We are about a 3 minute drive from the town of Kakabeka Falls, about 5 minutes from Kakabeka Falls Provincial Campground, and about 20 minutes from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

We have a membership of approximately 65 and are home to about 40 aircraft. Our members are owners of Ultralight, Homebuilt, Conventional wheel and float planes. 

Our club boasts excellent facilities, a 2130 ft. regularly mowed grass strip, and a 5000 ft. water course, both running East-West. The sea base and land base are on the same property, and less than 1000 ft. apart.

Our grass strip, (runways 9 and 27), have 1000 ft. treeless approaches.

There are 16 personal hangars, and 1 large hangar owned by the Flying Club.The club rents out parking spaces in the hangar for up to 5 ultralights . 

The sea base has safe dry land parking for about 12 float planes and ramps for another 5 planes. Dry land parked planes are launched with 2 hydraulic lift dollies.

At this time, our onsite fuel can only be dispensed to members and we are not allowed to sell fuel to the public 

Our club started in 1972 and has seen growth every year to it's present state.


Kakabeka Falls Flying Club sells fuel to their members.

A solar powered fuel tank is located both on the top grass field and below at the seaplane base.

Fuel prices are determined by the executive and communicated to members.

Current price for 100LL is:


We Can Accept E-transfer

via email to:

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